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Payment and Ticketing Systems

Implementing payment and ticketing systems has never been this easy! Instead of complicated software modifications you can simply add the new payment card to your existing system. Our ticketing solutions cover the sales and inspection functions as well as functionalities regarding commission management and clearing. The tickets can be processed with normal card readers or with handheld wireless terminals. Our solutions leverage standardised secure communication methods.

Your end customer can also enjoy the convenience of our payment and ticketing systems. The cards are used as any regular means of payment and the customer can easily check his or her balance and transactions from the web portal.

uniPrepaid™ - Prepaid Systems

Prepaid systems guarantee both secure and fast transactions. The uniPrepaid system enhances the payment function especially in an environment where cash money transactions are slow or create a security risk. Typical prepaid applications include lunch vouchers, sport and leisure vouchers, and service vouchers. A single uniPrepaid card can include several payment applications and the customers can select the type of payment they wish to use.

The uniPrepaid system creates an user-specific account linked to the prepaid card. The customer can upload the card in a normal shop or in a web store or they can use a bank transfer. Moreover, the card is a valid means of payment in each service point pre-defined in the system. The uniPrepaid card can function through a mg-stripe or chip card but also a mobile phone can be used as the payment device.

uniClearing™ - Clearing Systems for Fare Collection

In the decade of the chip card and mobile devices Unicom provides solutions supporting the modern and technologically advanced payment devices. With the uniClearing system you can manage all the commission calculations and accounting features linked to the ticketing and clearing systems.

A card linked to the uniClearing system can be used for identification and payment. In addition, it provides a means for storing tickets. No physical card is needed as the customer can use their mobile phones. Consequently, the customers can purchase and check the status of their tickets whenever and where ever they want to. A card or a mobile phone which is linked to uniClearing system can be used as public transport ticket, a swimming hall ticket or a normal payment card.