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Customer Engagement

A satisfied customer is a key factor for a successful business. A positive shopping experience enhances customer satisfaction and increases customer loyalty. A happy customer is also likely to spread the word and attract new prospects. Customer engagement does not happen overnight; it is a long process and the company is required to fulfill and exceed the expectations day after day. Successful customer relationship management requires the right attitude and the right tools. We at Unicom provide you with these tools allowing you to deliver high quality services and develop efficient processes. Get familiar with our solutions and find out how customer engagement can lead to greater profits.

uniLoyalty™ - Customer Loyalty Systems

Recognize and retain your customers. Reward regulars and exceed their expectations with that little extra service they did not expect. The uniLoyalty system provides several ways to create loyal customers and to reward them. With the uniLoyalty system, you can gain valuable insight in customer needs and wishes as well as their behavioral patterns. As a consequence, customers receive better service and you can develop solid customer relationships.

Our system is not tied to any specific identification method or payment device. Both existing payment cards and mobile phones can be used for identification making the system user-friendly and convenient. The customer is identified during the payment transaction and the purchases and loyalty benefits are automatically registered. Also the back-office activities are ran automatically. The uniLoyalty system is delivered as a SaaS service and therefore the implementation and management is very easy.

uniGift™ - Gift Card Systems

A gift voucher is a convenient solution for undecided congratulators. A gift voucher directs customer streams to your company and is an implicit recommend from your customers to their friends. This way a gift vouchers can be an excellent tool for creating customer relationships and for deepening them. Giving the card holder the power to decide how and when to purchase, gift vouchers typically reduce product returns.

uniGift allows you to realize an electronic gift card system. The electronic gift card is used as a normal payment card and the uploaded value can be used in one or several slots. The gift card can be used in all your shops – your own shops and franchising shops, physical stores and e-commerces. With uniGift you can also delver gift cards and vouchers to the mobile phones. uniGift is a POS independent gift card solution.

The uniGift service is an effective and secure way to realize a gift card system. The use of the electronic gift card is easy and the system provides information about the customer behavior for sales and marketing purposes. The uniGift solution removes all the manual routines related to the handling of the paper based gift cards freeing the time to sales activities and customer service.