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Lyyra - The Smart Card of a Finnish Student

Unicom is a long-time partner of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY). In addition to the previous student card system launched in 1997, Unicom designed and produced the new student card Lyyra which has managed to reach an even wider user group. Today, Lyyra is used by nearly all Finnish university students. Besides granting access as the main piece of identification at the university campus, Lyyra card is also equipped with payment and library card functionalities. The card has an incorporated student discount and it also controls access for copy machines and for the Lyyra web portal.

What You Can Do with the Lyyra Card?

The Lyyra cardholders can upload money on their card on the web portal and in specified customer service points. Lyyra card can be used as a payment method in the university cafeterias and for the copy and printing machines. By showing the card, the user is automatically identified and will receive discounts and benefits accordingly.

The prices in the campus area cafeterias often vary depending on the status of the student but Lyyra system automatically calculates the right price for a single card user. The students can also receive different discounts based on the value of purchase. Moreover, several external partners have granted the Lyyra cardholders benefits and discounts.

“The flexible structure of the Lyyra system enables continuous development and we can therefore follow the rapidly changing requirements of the users and the different business areas” comments Kari Kuosmanen the development manager of the HYY.

Nearly 140 000 Satisfied Users

The Lyyra system covers 14 universities and 8 polytechnics. The card has approximately 140.000 users and each autumn the card is delivered to 25.000 new students. In fact, currently all new Finnish university students and one third of the polytechnic students are within the scope of Lyyra. Lyyra card is recognized in some 70 cafeterias and other service points around Finland.

Lyyra card has received positive feedback from both the end users and the service providers. On the one hand, the students are generally satisfied because they no longer need several cards to operate within the campus area, but can now borrow books, pay for their lunch and print out the lecture material with a single card. The service providers,on the other hand, are grateful for the time and cost savings they yield due to a reduced amount of cash they need to process.

The Lyyra system is the first nationwide payment system in Finland which is based on online connections. No problems regarding communication have arisen,on the contrary, the lead time for the payment transaction is much faster than before. Indeed, Kari Kuosmanen claims that especially the functioning of the payment system has been a positive surprise for HYY.