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Membership Systems

The 2000s is the golden age for the loyalty programs but to keeping the membership information up to date can turn out to be a challenging and time consuming process. uniAssociation from Unicom is an easy and simple tool for managing membership systems. The membership solution suits a wide range of organizations from companies and public organisations to trade unions and student and sports associations.

uniAssociation - Student and Membership System

Now it is easy for any association to manage the whole membership process with just a single system. The uniAssociation service can handle the membership management functionalities, the payment procedures and the benefit management of the partner organizations.

The uniAssociation membership solution provides several services ranging from discount management to managing e-purse solutions. The balance and benefit information of a member is continuously updated and it is easy for the member to check the status of balance and benefits from the web portal or from a customer service point. In addition, the membership system takes care of all the commissions, clearing and accounting information related to the membership system. uniAssociation also provides an easy solution for processing entrance fees and varying functionalities for loyalty customers. Read more about the Lyyra system and how it makes the daily life easier for the Finnish university students.

uniAssociation - Company and Customer Card Systems

With uniAssociation you get your company and customer card systems up and running very quickly. uniAssociation provides identification and invoicing services and the possibility to run a real time discount system for the cardholders.

The customers register to the system and receive a card or an alternative identification tag. All the customer purchases in physical shops and in webstores are entered in the register and the purchase history can be used to direct and design your marketing investments. uniAssociation allows you to set discounts flexibly basing them on fixed discounts for a certain customer group or for example on the cumulative value of purchases.

uniAssociation - Voucher and Ticketing Systems for Restaurants, Sports and Leisure Centres

uniAssociation provides easy tools for handling access and usage rights related to different places, festivals and systems. The uniAssociation solutions are device independent: in addition to physical tickets the systems recognize for instance mobile phones, credit cards or even a thumb print. The advantage of an electrical system is its user-friendliness, flexibility, and customization possibilities. The systems checks the validity of the ticket and ,if necessary, changes can be made to the tickets or vouchers. Furthermore, the uniAssociation system  includes accounting and invoicing features and enables you to collect valuable usage and visiting information..

The uniAssociation system allows you to utilize your existing payment terminals. The wireless terminals prove to be handy especially in an environment which does not support fixed lines. In this regard, the uniAssociation solutions provide an attractive option for organizers of exhibitions, concerts and sports events.

uniCity - Citizen Card Systems

Currently, several cities are utilizing the modern and versatile citizen card system from Unicom. Often the citizens or employees working for the municipality receive certain benefits. The uniCity citizen card can be used for identification, for distributing the benefits and for paying for different city services. The system allows you to set different access rights depending on the user group. The end users can consist of for example citizens, students or employees.

The uniCity service can be used just in a single city or in a larger district such as a federation of municipalities. In the standard application the uniCity system is used for services such as swimming hall tickets, lunch vouchers and library cards. In addition, service vouchers, payment commitments and taxi vouchers can be distributed through the citizen card system. The same service model can also be used to realise systems for other public or private organisations. Discover what the citizens of Oulu think of their urban citizen card solution.